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Archbold Biological Station

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Location: Venus, Fl
Date: 2012
Size: 18,000 sq ft

Set on a 3.3 acre site within a 8,800 acre biological station, the Archbold Biological Station is an effort to create a world-class example of sustainable architecture in the heart of Florida's scrub ecosystem. The goal for the project is to create an architectural expression that tells the stories of its various sustainable strategies and building technologies and the story of the “scrub” ecosystem.

Exterior spaces act as the link from the interior to the scrub, with varied views to the surroundings, while still being protected by large overhangs.

As the first Platinum LEED certified building designed by our firm, the Archbold Station uses a number of sustainable practices, including a rainwater collection cistern, solar panels to provide hot water, and specific building orientation to take advantage of sun angles. Interior lights maintain a dark sky design, and the building is set for future implementation of photovoltaic cells to fulfill the owner’s hope of eventual zero-net energy use and a carbon neutral footprint.

This station is built to allow humans to inhabit and study a very harsh and contradictory environment, acting as a shield while still providing maximum interaction between the user and the elements of the scrub and Lake Wales Ridge

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